Red House


I became aware of this project through furniture brand De La Espada, who held a photoshoot in the house with its timeless collection. Designed by Extrastudio, the house is the result of the conversion of an old winery in Vendas de Azeitão.

Combining the identity of the building with the need to adapt it to the needs of a modern single-family dwelling, the architects opened the social area of the house to the garden through a set of 14-meter windows. In addition to the architectural impact, the windows provide light into the interior, an area once hidden by the former wall of the cellar.

The interior has been designed to maximize the reflection of light, respecting the original shape of the building. Through the simplicity of the open spaces and the white walls and ceilings, the house is versatile and timeless, providing the perfect frame for happiness.

The project is also notable for the reuse of materials - the old ceiling tiles were reused on the roof and the wooden beams transformed into an outdoor deck - and for the intense reddish tone of the facade obtained by mixing a natural pigment in the mortar. This unique way of giving color to the house allows the house to change its appearance throughout the seasons, brightening or darkening depending on the level of humidity.

The outdoor space, designed by Oficina dos Jardins, the natural look was also maintained, through the use of local plants and trees, perfect companions to the mirror pool that stretches towards the house.

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ArquitecturaAlvaro RamosExtrastudio