Prado Mercearia

Prado Mercearia’s Team

Prado Mercearia’s Team

Here at The Nest, we believe that good grocery stores are essential in every neighborhood, that's where people meet and stock up on quality essential products. Monocle published in February one of our favorites, Prado Mercearia. Bringing the countryside to the city, the space designed by Arkstudio boasts a selection of some of the best produce from across the country, including fresh bread, cheese, fruit and vegetables, many of which are seasonal and organic.
Carlos Duarte, the store manager, says that “we know our customers by name and the things they like. Our counters are low, in the old style, so we can have contact with customers without a barrier.”
Providing a service to the community, the grocery store filled a void in a neighborhood increasingly dominated by tourism. “There are still local people living in this area and we wanted to help keep the neighbourhood spirit alive. We used to live here and we knew that a good grocery store was something that was missing”, concludes Marta Fonseca, one of the co-founders.

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