Ilse Crawford


British designer Ilse Crawford has always been a great inspiration. But not only by the projects she has developed over the years (eg the Ett Hem Hotel or the Soho House), but essentially by the humanistic approach she introduces into all her creations.
Being one of the people who contributed the most in the last decade to bring a warm and human side to interior design, leaving aside fads and minimalistic spaces, Crawford pays particular attention to the rhythm of the people and to what makes them feel good.
The use of natural materials, textures and timeless pieces, the designer develops interiors with a lived appearance and where you want to stay, in conclusion spaces that are a platform for a happy life.

In her book A Frame for Life, Ilse Crawford states the following:

“I consider myself a quiet revolutionary. My design puts the human being at the centre. I am fascinated by what drives us, brings us together and ultimately makes us feel alive”.

Photos of Ilse Crawford and her studio by Apiece Apart.

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