De La Espada


De La Espada has long been one of our great inspirations: For being a Portuguese brand, for collaborating with some of the best international designers (like Ilse Crawford or Matthew Hilton) and for celebrating the country of origin in their beautiful photoshoots. Founded by Luís De Oliveira and Fatima De La Espada, the brand early looked to London and New York for inspiration and to broaden horizons, nevertheless never forgot its origin and always showed great pride in its factory and team in Portugal.

Although the various collections work almost as independent brands, created by each designer, a unique philosophy is maintained through great attention to detail, respect for materials and timeless design.

Specialized in solid wood, the Portuguese brand presents pieces of high aesthetic and tactile sense, ideal to build calm environments to rest, eat, work or sleep. De La Espada is particularly interesting for combining handcrafted work with the latest technology, but essentially for producing comfortable, durable and functional furniture, perfect to be in any house sold by The Nest.

In this photoshoot we can see the Casa de São Mamede, a residential building from the 18th century renovated by Manuel Aires Mateus and Sofia Pinto Basto. The contemporary and timeless lines of De La Espada's pieces perfectly combine with the history and materials of this building in Lisbon.

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