3 Objects for a New Home


It may have fallen into disuse, but when a good friend (or close family member) buys a new home we should offer something that makes their daily lives happier. Instead of what used to happen in the past, when non-useful objects were gifted (like the gigantic vase that has remained forever in the basement), our suggestion goes to timeless, beautiful and functional pieces.

Objects that make us smile when we use them in the new house and that will age well because of the quality materials in which they are built:



Nord Tray
Designed by Nuno Grade for the Nord shop, this solid walnut tray is perfect for bringing breakfast to bed or simply serving appetizers in a dinner with friends.



Glo Tealight Holder
Produced in cast iron, this candle holder is ideal for giving a more welcoming lighting to the new living room. Designed by Norwegians Anderssen & Voll, Glo is a piece made to last.


Watering Can

Haws Watering Can
An authentic classic, produced in England since 1886. Due to its compact size, the watering can is the best solution to water the beautiful plants in the new house.

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