3 Essentials

Eames Radio, Accessories in situ shooting 2018_2345751_master.jpg

One of the key moments in real estate is to show your home to a potential buyer. It may seem simple, but there are little things that are essential. Besides knowing the house that we have in hand, it is essential to make the visit a positive experience, something that stays in the memory of who visits it.

As such, it is essential to open windows, let the natural light in, but also appeal to other senses such as smell and hearing. For this we leave here three elements that can make all the difference:



City of Tomorrow
A pleasant aroma is essential to feel good in a space. The City of Tomorrow candle, inspired by Le Corbusier, is perfect due to the fresh fragrance of jasmine and freshly cut grass.



Kckliko Flowers Bouquet
It is more than proven that flowers are an element that gives joy and life to any home. Kckliko's bouquets are perfect to leave buyers with a smile on their face due to the careful choice of seasonal flowers and plants.



Eames Radio
Designed by Charles & Ray Eames in 1946, Vitra's recently released radio is the perfect accessory to play music that helps improve the mood while showcasing your home.