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Cape Verde
Boa Vista Island
Beach Site

On the island where one of the most beautiful beaches in the world is located and in one of the safest countries in Africa, this land is the perfect opportunity for a real estate investment, whether for a hotel or housing project.


Boa Vista is only 30 km wide, is almost round and mostly deserted, presenting a territory rich with breathtaking views, points of interest, white sand beaches, crystal clear waters, a fantastic climate and a serene population that lives its life in peace, away from stress. The rich fish cuisine, local music, fauna diversity and water sports make the island a unique destination just over 4 hours by plane from Europe.


Beach Site

With an area of more than 30 hectares, the land has a fantastic panoramic view of Santa Monica Beach - voted the 25th most beautiful in the world, and 2nd in Africa, in the TripAdvisor’s Travelers' Choice Awards - as well as on the protected landscape of Curral Velho. The natural purity and beauty, the huge stretch of sand and the warm, translucent water are the highlights in the area.

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TOTAL area: 32.30 hEctares
Airport: 25 minutes away

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Occupation study

The study aims to demonstrate the feasibility of construction in a tourism perspective. An Eco Resort will be an appealing solution for a future investment, since the land is inserted in the Protection Area of Curral Velho and in the vicinity of the Turtle Reserve.

boa vista island
geography and people

Known as the Island of Dunes, Boa Vista has more than 50 direct flights to Europe. Possessing 55 km of beaches, the island is one of the last paradises of the globe, still untouched and protected from mass tourism.

AREA: 620 KM2
boa vista island population: 15.000
major village: vila sal rei
Airport: Rabil (bvc)
Lisboa - Boa Vista flight: 4h 15m


“The arid landscape surprises by the moving and despoiled beauty. The never ending deserted beaches are an image of nature in its purest state. And the population, as hospitable as it is rarely found, is the living proof of this Cape Verdean sentiment called morabeza, without translation in other languages, but as noticeable in the way we immediately feel at home”.

in Visão



boa vista Island

Music is the richest and most universal manifestation of Cape Verdean culture. The warm sound of local melodies has become one of the main attractions of Cape Verde, especially Boa Vista, known for the Morna.
Cesária Évora is undoubtedly the most outstanding voice of the African country, but artists such as Mayra Andrade (below) show a more contemporary and fresh approach to the local culture.

“The life of Boa Vista is sitting on the sidewalks, playing guitar chords and insisting that making a catchupa is fast and does not have Latin”.

in Público


Praia do Estoril project

One of the good examples of architectural development on the island. Designed by José Adrião Arquitectos studio, the project consists of housing of different typologies. The walls surrounding the patios allows to simultaneously create an intimate environment and privacy inside, as well as protection against the elements.



Spinguera Ecolodge

Spinguera Ecolodge

Riu Touareg

Riu Touareg

Royal Horizons

Royal Horizons

Riu Karamboa

Riu Karamboa

Riu Palace

Riu Palace

AHG Marine Club Beach Resort

AHG Marine Club Beach Resort