The Nest is born of our passion for real estate.
We want to offer a differentiating service that values
beautiful houses and brings a human factor to this area,
where customers are partners, not numbers.
We believe that design and architecture are essential for a good quality of life and this motivates us to provide a rigorous, transparent and professional service, focused on the
real needs and interests of each client.


From People to People

The real estate market, especially in Lisbon, is in a very dynamic phase - which means that many real estate agents take their business for granted and do not follow buyers and sellers thoroughly.

The Nest was born from the will to provide a more attentive service and close to the people in the real estate market. A more rigorous, transparent and professional service, focused on the real needs and interests of each client.

More than numbers, we want to work for people. We do not feel the need to see our faces on balconies, we do not compete for prizes and we do not stop answering the phone after the signing of the Promise of Sale Agreement.

Our aim is to provide a good service from the beginning to the end of each process, in order to create solid relationships with all those who seek us.

If you want to buy you can see our selection of houses in Lisbon here. To sell, check here to see the advantages of doing it with us.


A Equipa


Álvaro Ramos

Co-Founder and Real Estate Manager

With more than 15 years of experience in interiors and design, he has worked in some of the most recognized companies in this area in Portugal, contributing to the realization of residential and office projects. In addition, he is the founder of the content and communication agency O Editorial, where he develops digital, editorial and strategic consulting projects. He is also a regular contributor to magazines like Essential Lisboa, Doze and GQ Portugal, writing about design, architecture and style. In 2018 he founded The Nest, a new way of looking at the real estate market in Lisbon.

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Catarina Nunes

Real Estate Manager

She has a degree in Psychology and has worked in this area for nearly a decade. At the same time, she collaborated with the communication department of two architecture studios. After two years living in Switzerland, she returned to Portugal where she worked at a communication agency as an executive producer, event organizer and graphic designer. In 2018, she began her collaboration with Wiedemar & Almeida, helping the company with its activity of rehabilitation and sale of real estate and their future projects related to tourism.

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João Almeida


With a degree in Economics, he has been worked in sustainability since a long time. First with a Master's in Sustainable Development at the University of Basel and later with the creation of a consulting company, focused on solutions to fight against food waste (2012-2018), based in Bern, Switzerland. Here he had the opportunity to work on different projects for the Swiss government, producer associations, large and small food companies as well as Swiss or European NGOs. Back in Lisbon in 2015, he is involved in several projects in the real estate, sustainability, food waste and hospitality areas, and is also one of the founders of Impact Hub in Lisbon.

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Martina Wiedemar


Born in Switzerland, she holds a Masters Degree in Geography from the University of Bern. Having been involved in research at the Department of Forestry and Climate Change at the University of Bern, she worked on sustainability, agriculture and development with several published works. Currently in Lisbon, she has developed several projects in real estate since 2015, mainly investing and rehabilitating, as well as in the creation of a rural hotel and cowork in Alentejo, which she is creating together with João Almeida.